Contest: Buddy Canuck Suggests We Give Away a Prize!

The Canadian Only team loves using their cinch bags! On a recent outing, Buddy Canuck suggested we share the love and give one of our beautiful Canadian Only cinch bags away as a prize in a contest!

The team finds the cinch bags ever-so-useful. Annie carries the chocolate, Leslie carries the masks, and Buddy just collects rocks in his cinch bag*.

Annie, Buddy and Leslie on a walk in Mission Creek Greenway Regional Park, Kelowna, BC

Now’s your chance to be the first member of the public to have their own Canadian Only cinch bag!

Buddy Canuck relaxes next to his cinch bag after a long walk in the park (it also works as a pillow!)

It’s easy to enter the contest. All you have to do is ‘Like’ our Canadian Only Facebook page, and enter a comment on our Contest post (pinned to the top of our newsfeed) so we can see your name! The winner will be announced on our Facebook page and contacted via Facebook message.

That’s basically it! (But please read the contest rules below, and make sure you agree to them before you enter!)

Contest Rules

  1. Any resident of Canada is eligible.
  2. No purchase is necessary.
  3. To enter the contest, you must:
  4. One winner will receive one brand new Canadian Only cinch bag.
  5. The winner will be selected and announced on the Canadian Only Facebook page by end of day, April 26, 2021. The winner will be contacted via Facebook message at which point we will ask for a Canadian postal address that we can mail the cinch bag to, via Canada Post.
  6. If you’re wondering what to put in the comments, well, it can be anything! But we’d love to hear what you love about Canada, or about our website, or anything Canadiana-related! (Please note, all comments are public and may be quoted or shared.)
  7. This contest is run by Canadian Only.
  8. This contest is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook, nor is Facebook associated with our contest. Facebook is released from any responsibility to entrants or participants.

We look forward to your participation in our first contest!

Buddy Canuck looks very cool with a Canadian Only cinch bag on his shoulder!

*Contents not included! But we’re sure you’ll find plenty of your own ideas of what to carry in your cinch bag!

Buddy Canuck and the Canadian Only Team at Willow Beach

The Canadian Only team, influenced by silly ol’ Buddy Canuck‘s brilliant ideas, went along to Willow Beach in West Kelowna, BC, donning bunny ears and a duck hat for an Easter photo shoot.

“Those two ol’ stick-in-the-mud gals need a bit of fun in their lives,” says Buddy. “They’ll spend all day and night on their computers, growing the Canadian Only website, spreading the word about businesses left, right and centre. They need to get out for fresh air once in a while!”

The Canadian Only team: Annie, Buddy and Leslie

Founder and CEO, Leslie, is particularly camera shy.

“It’s like pulling teeth to get her in a photo,” continues Buddy. “Then, she still wants to cover her face completely. It’s not ’cause of the pandemic, either. No. She’d be hiding her facing no matter what,” Buddy continues to mutter under his breath: “I dunno what her problem is. I love showing up and shining for a photo op.”

Buddy Canuck is highly photogenic

Annie, the website and communications person on the team, is a bit more adventurous on a photo shoot, as evidenced by her choice of duck hat.

“If I can do something to make someone laugh, I’m all in,” says Annie.

And laugh they did. Passers-by chuckled and chortled as they walked past the photo shoot site and saw the three in a kerfuffle to produce some decent photos with a simple point-and-shoot camera on a self-timer.

“One day, we’ll be famous, and everyone’s gonna wanna take selfies with us!” says Buddy. Rest assured that his endearing trademark, his cheeky grin, is ever-present underneath his mask.

“That would be awesome,” Annie chimes in.

Leslie quietly hurries things along so she can get everyone back to the office, but Buddy lags behind and dawdles for a bit, seeing if he can balance on some rocks along the beach.

“Have a Happy Easter, everyone! Remember to have fun, make time for play, and eat at least one chocolate bunny!” is Buddy’s wise advice.

The Arts and Treasures at Karmyc Bazaar

In the heart of trendy Pandosy Village in Kelowna, BC, there’s a curious little shop that presents unique pieces sure to charm the eclectic taste! The owner of Karmyc Bazaar, Jennelle McGuire, invites you to “explore a visionary dreamscape” of artwork from well over 100 Canadian artists.

Jennelle McGuire, owner of Karmyc Bazaar
Jennelle McGuire, owner of Karmyc Bazaar

The shop’s name, Karmyc Bazaar, comes from a combination of Jennelle’s middle name (Karmin) and last name (McGuire), along with the concept of an open-air market or ‘bazaar’.

Karmyc Bazaar

Treasures include a plethora of original paintings, prints, jewellery, clothing, mixed media work, pottery, sculptures, artisan soaps and bath products, candles and more!

For a long time, Jennelle knew she wanted to be self-employed, but wasn’t sure exactly what that looked like.

“When I visited larger cities, I fell in love with the quirky, more ‘underground’ art displayed in these alternative galleries,” Jennelle recalls. “I’d get all inspired.”

Karmyc Bazaar

Coming home to the Okanagan, she noticed a few pockets of this kind of artwork, but “there wasn’t a space dedicated to showing it. I felt this was a niche that needed to be filled, so that was the start of Karmyc Bazaar.” The shop’s mission is to “encourage our community to reconnect with their inner selves through artwork and be inspired in their daily lives”.

Karmyc Bazaar

Being in the retail sector has had its challenges for everyone, everywhere, this past year.

“The pandemic has made the world of retail even more unpredictable, that’s for sure!” says Jennelle. “We moved locations in July 2020 and the reception of the community in Pandosy Village has been outstanding! We’re blessed to have a very supportive group of people cheering us on, whether through visiting us in-store, shopping online, or connecting with us via Instagram and Facebook. I am grateful for the support each and every day!”

Karmyc Bazaar at 2995 Pandosy Street in Kelowna, BC
Karmyc Bazaar at 2995 Pandosy Street in Kelowna, BC

It’s tough to say what the top selling items are, as the stock continuously shifts and changes.

“I’ll think I’ve just figured out what customers are drawn to, and then it changes,” laughs Jennelle. “Currently, I’ve noticed that we’re selling a lot of candles, bath products, and pottery. I think this is because a lot of us are spending more time at home and we want our spaces to feel nourishing and cozy.”

Karmyc Bazaar

Karmyc Bazaar currently works with 133 Artists from Vancouver all the way to New Brunswick!

“I’m always on the hunt for more talent to bring in,” says Jennelle. “Artists reach out to us, and I like to search for artists online. Word-of-mouth is always wonderful, too.”

Paintings from local artist, Jolene Mackie (at Karmyc Bazaar)
Paintings from local artist, Jolene Mackie

You can find the address and opening hours on the Karmyc Bazaar website, as well as their COVID-19 policy for in-store shopping and their online shop. (We actually prefer the online display via their Facebook shop, which will direct you to the website for your final purchase.) You can also find Karmyc Bazaar on Instagram.

Note from the author (Annie Zed): I’ve personally purchased many items from Karmyc Bazaar, for myself and as gifts for others (below are just a few)! My favourite purchases have been paintings by Jolene Mackie; plaques and ornaments by The Poppy Tree; cups and mugs by Tiny Cat Pottery; and paintings and quirky pieces by Rare Bird Art Studio.

Some pieces purchased from Karmyc Bazaar by Annie Zed

Golf Season!

With the weather warming up in British Columbia, Brian has been keeping a close eye on opening dates for nearby golf courses. As an avid golfer for a few decades now, he can hardly wait to be back on the green.

“I love the game because it gets me out in the fresh air,” says Brian. “There’s always an opportunity to challenge myself to get better, and at the same time, I can socialize with others who appreciate golf as much as I do.”

Brian at Predator Ridge Golf Course, March 15, 2021

There are a few key things that Brian looks for when choosing a golf course to play.

  • A walkable course (so a cart isn’t necessary).
  • A diverse layout (so it’s fun, fresh and interesting to play).
  • A challenging layout, but also one that makes the game fair to all players.

One of Brian’s most memorable courses played in Canada was Granite Hills Golf Club by Pine Hills, situated 20 minutes from the town of Lac Du Bonnet in Manitoba.

“I’ve only played there once, but I have fond memories of it,” Brian recalls. “It has rolling hills and a large rock bluff. There are lots of trees and scenic views along the Lake – Lac Du Bonnet.”

Granite Hills Golf Club, Lac Du Bonnet, MB
Granite Hills Golf Club, Lac Du Bonnet, MB

Throughout the golf season, Brian can be found golfing on average three or four times a week. Below are his top favourite picks for golf courses in BC.

Predator Ridge, Vernon

Predator Ridge features two 18-hole championship courses, a world-class practice facility, and an award-winning golf academy. It’s all part of a resort and year-round community.

Predator Ridge, Vernon, BC
Predator Ridge, Vernon, BC

Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club, Kelowna

Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club is a par 72, 18-hole championship golf course with challenging fairways, beautiful vistas and tall groves of ponderosa pine.

Gallagher's Canyon Golf Club, Kelowna, BC
Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club, Kelowna, BC

Fairview Mountain Golf Club, Oliver

Fairview Mountain has beautiful scenery with vineyards in the distance. Fairways plunge down valleys and smooth greens offer an exceptional golfing experience.

Fairview Mountain Golf Club, Oliver, BC
Fairview Mountain Golf Club, Oliver, BC

Peace Portal Golf Club, Surrey

Peace Portal Golf Course is just south of Vancouver. Established in 1928, it is a par 72, 18-hole four-star golf course with practice facilities (putting green, chipping green and grass practice area).

Peace Portal Golf Club, Surrey, BC
Peace Portal Golf Club, Surrey, BC

Salmon Arm Golf Club, Salmon Arm

The Salmon Arm Golf Club was originally founded in 1928 as a 6-hole course. Today, the club has an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole heritage course. There’s also a golf shop and a restaurant.

Salmon Arm Golf Club, Salmon Arm, BC
Salmon Arm Golf Club, Salmon Arm, BC

What are some of your favourite golf courses?

Are you an avid Canadian golfer? What are your favourite golf courses to play? Please let us know in the comments below!

Artist Reilly Fitzgerald

Reilly Fitzgerald

Newfoundland artist, Reilly Fitzgerald, paints for therapeutic reasons.

“I’ve always been very active,” says Reilly. “Between 2007 and 2010, I went from being an over-active volunteer, writer, high school educator, father and husband, to no longer being able to perform these things effectively. But I could still paint.”

Reilly has a congenital defect known as an AV fistula malformation, which affects the use of his right hand and arm. After eleven surgeries by age fourteen, Reilly became ambidextrous and left hand dominant.

Rare Breed by Reilly Fitzgerald
Rare Breed

“Painting helps me deal with my chronic pain and gives my life purpose.”

Cape Bonavista by Reilly Fitzgerald
Cape Bonavista

Reilly likes the challenge of painting a variety of subjects in different ways to express his creativity.

Newfoundland Snow by Reilly Fitzgerald
Newfoundland Snow
Canadian Treasure by Reilly Fitzgerald
Canadian Treasure

“I have created large bas-relief pieces made of scrap wood, cut, carved, and painted,” says Reilly. “This includes a large 12 by 8 foot piece titled Canadian Treasure which I created for the Town of Clarenville, NL, as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.”

He also made two smaller iceberg-and-whales pieces: Connected for the pediatric clinic of the James Paton Memorial Hospital in Gander, and Cohesion donated to the Janeway Children’s Hospital in St John’s.

T&G Ladders by Reilly Fitzgerald
T&G Ladders

For his “wood grain paintings”, Reilly paints directly on wooden panels, using the natural wood grain to determine the images. He’s also used tongue and groove board reclaimed from demolished houses, and repurposed them as platforms on which to paint.

“But, I have to say my favourite thing to paint is my home: my town, Clarenville, my province, NL, and my country, in that order, whether it’s the house next door, the birds in the town’s protected sanctuary, or historic locations or events. I have a pride in creating my unique vision of these things.”

Cabot Tower by Reilly Fitzgerald
Cabot Tower

One of Reilly’s significant paintings, “Hell Stirs, Heaven Waits” (2020) is a depiction of the Ocean Ranger disaster.

“It’s a painting that pays homage to my province’s historic and often tumultuous relationship with the sea.”

Hell Stirs, Heaven Waits by Reilly Fitzgerald
Hell Stirs, Heaven Waits

Involved in a variety of projects over the years, Reilly has won awards and achieved formal recognition for his art. He illustrated the children’s book, Lucy Grey by Bruce Stagg, as well as the cover of Bruce’s book, Lend Me Your Ears. He has created posters, logos, produced three-dimensional installations, and much more.

Blackbird by Reilly Fitzgerald

The place to see Reilly Fitzgerald’s work in person is in the Clarenville area. A permanent display of about 50 or so pieces have been at the Eastlink Events Centre since 2013.

Other pieces can be found in various locations about town, such as at the Bare Mountain Coffee House, and the Terra Nova Golf Resort.

Reilly gives most of his artwork to his daughter, Kaeleigh, who sells the originals and giclee prints through her business, Eagle Photo Studio. His work is also available printed on backpacks, jewellery, ornaments, calendars and more.

Soft Light (printed on canvas bags) by Reilly Fitzgerald
Soft Light

He has also kindly created a library of over 60 Colouring Sheets* based on his original artworks. “Feel free to download and use these images for personal projects or educational use,” says Reilly. Here’s one of our favourites.

Clothes and Quilt (colouring sheet) by Reilly Fitzgerald
Clothes and Quilt (colouring sheet)

(*Please respect international copyright laws and do not misuse his intellectual property in mass production for financial gain.)

Hauling Nets by Reilly Fitzgerald
Hauling Nets

View more artwork and read biography details on his Facebook page at Reilly Fitzgerald, Artist.

Squid & Cod by Reilly Fitzgerald
Squid & Cod

Pi Day

Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant π (Pi) on March 14. The date itself represents 3.14 (, the first three digits of Pi.

Coincidentally, Albert Einstein was born on March 14 (1879).

But what is Pi, really? It is defined as “the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter”. (Wikipedia). Read some fun facts from the CBC to learn what you might not know about the number that never ends.

People make Pi Day fun, primarily by eating pie (be it fruit or pizza) and by throwing pies. There are also competitions on who can recite Pi to the highest number of decimal places!

If you’re a bit traditional, here’s a Pi Day Apple Pie recipe from Family Fun Canada.

The Pie Junkie and Bakery,

If you’re not much of a baker yourself and you happen to live in Calgary, AB, you can celebrate Pi Day with Pi pies! The Pie Junkie and Bakery delivers or you can pick up from one of their 3 locations. See their website for all options:

Check your local bakery, they may be creating something Pi-like, too!

Blaze Pizza,

Participating Blaze Pizza locations in Alberta, BC and Ontario are offering rewards members an 11-inch Simple Pie or 11-inch 1-Top Pepperoni Pizza for $3.14. The reward can be used online or in-restaurant .

If you have a family and want to introduce some Pi concepts to kids, choose one of these 9 Activities to Celebrate Pi Day from Canadian Family.

Got a geeky sense of humour? Here are some Pi Jokes from Reader’s Digest Canada.

And finally, listen to this cute and clever Pi Song which makes it (potentially) easier to remember the 100 digits of Pi!