Canadian Only is back, bigger and better!

The past year has brought about a lot of change for everyone, and this is true for us at Canadian Only. For years, the team has been distracted by other projects. But now, we are putting our full attention to fellow Canadians. We are helping each other build back our economy by supporting each other!

We’ve been working hard to show our love for this country by sharing information and links to Canadian businesses, organizations, artists and artisans. Here’s a sneak peak of what the new site will look like!

Our home page introduces the website. It outlines basic information on how to use this site, with sections for interests, trivia and a map of Canada.

Canadian Only home page at

Each province and territory has a main page which is laid out with the following sections. (These are samples from various provinces/territories to show you variety.)

Province image




Did you know? and Trivia


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Vacation at Shuswap Falls RV Resort

I’m Buddy Canuck. I’m a proud Canadian and an employee at the Canadian Only website. Me, Annie Zed and Leslie (the CEO) went on a team building vacation weekend at the Shuswap Falls RV Resort.

Buddy Canuck | Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

I been wanting to come here fer ages! It got a rave review on the Canadian Only website and we had such a fun time here. Business as usual!

We were well-armed with mosquito stuff and a fly swatter.

Buddy Canuck and Annie Zalezsak

I climbed a few trees.

Buddy Canuck | Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

Sat on the deck for a while. It got sweltering hot!

Buddy Canuck | Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

We had to go inside to cool down sometimes.

Buddy Canuck | Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

Which was okay by me, cuz I was well armed with some good ol’ fashioned Canadian refreshments! 😉


You’ve seen us at our Canadian Only website. Now, you’ll be able to interact with us here on our blog. We aim to bring you the best of the best of Canada. Canadian people, their products, their services, and much more.

If you’re Canadian and have something to Canadianesque that you’d like us to feature here, tell us all about it through our contact form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Canadian Only nerve centre in British Columbia
We’re always busy at the Canadian Only nerve centre in British Columbia.