Kelowna MapleFest 2014

The Centre culturel francophone de l’Okanagan (CCFO) is a non-profit organization that promotes French language and culture appreciation in the Okanagan. It celebrated the 35th annual MapleFest in front of the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna on Saturday March 29, 2014.

There were elaborate chalk drawings on the sidewalks.

While maple flavours dominated, poutine was ever-popular.

Walking trees and other characters fascinated spectators of all ages.

All kinds of costumed characters pranced the grounds.

The Trips played some toe-tapping bluegrass tunes.

Ziggy created the most elaborate and artistic balloon animals.

A drumming group formed with djembes and hand percussion instruments.

Three times world champion hoop dancer, Alex Wells (Lil’Wat Nation) performed with students.

Chloé Gravel and Danielle sang well known songs in both French and English.

There was exercise-dancing and a couple of Mounties that joined in on the fun!

In the evening, Jann Arden performs at the Kelowna Community Theatre. Sunday brunch at the Laurel Packing House completes the festival activities.


Autumn in Canada

As August draws to a close, my thoughts turn to my most favourite season in Canada: Autumn. The astounding colours of the maple tree make me particularly nostalgic for Ontario. Look at these vivid, fiery colours reflecting on a Muskoka lake.

Photo credit: Bruce Amos,

When I was a young girl, starting school in September meant all kinds of science and art projects involving maple leaves. We’d go on class excursions to parks, collecting whatever grabbed our attention.

Photo credit: Melinda Nagy,

We’d all be trying to find THE perfect autumn maple leaf. It wasn’t easy. It would have to be in its peak form of shape, texture and colour. Often, the chances of finding the best one, would be catching one just as it fell off the tree.

Photo credit: Jun Li,

Sometimes, there would be just so many to choose from! And if you were too late in the season, they might have been trampled on.

Photo credit: Natalia Melnikova,

And then, there it would be: perhaps not symmetrical, perhaps with flaws, and yet even still, the most stunning maple leaf you ever did see!

Photo credit: Only Alone,

It’s a good thing you found it, because pretty soon, all you’ll find is frost on sumac leaves!

Photo credit: Bruce Amos,